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We are not afraid to be the first

As a high-tech enterprise that engaged in advanced teaching scheme and equipment, the basic motive for Qiushi’s sustained development is 敢为人先。Qiushi thinks “Dare to be the first“ is a positive thinking method, reflected in the R&D, application, service, management and many other aspects. The way Qiushi interprets “Dare to be the first” is not the same with the simple sense “be different”, but advocates always good at learning, good at observation of innovation in order to constitute the core competitiveness of enterprise sustainable development.

Respect Others

The most fundamental driving force for the development of enterprises is the talent, the highly trained staff are the basis for the survival of enterprises. The company's growth and development cannot be separated from the staff’s understanding and dedication to the company. At the meanwhile, Qiushi respects the value and creation of each employee. Through various forms, Qiushi provides opportunities for each employee t develop and achieve their career, and through continuous training and continuous assessment, Qiushi reserves talent for the company’s development.

Way of survival

Qiushi has always believed that the survival of enterprises has to do with the elaborate products. Fully meet customers’ requirements is the pursuit of Qiushi. Qiushi has established a set of quality assurance system to monitor the whole process of production, sales and service. We strictly control the formulation of product’s technology plan, parts procurement, production, assembly, debugging inspection, warehousing, logistics and other each key process to achieve the traceability of all process.

Perfect Service

Qiushi meets the customers’ needs to constitute the company's organization, technology and market service system. Our technical support team is composed by personnel with college degree or above, fully understand the needs of the customer and willing to listen the voice of the customer. At any time we will provide you with the perfect service.

Pre sales service - provide customers with technical advice; help users to analyze and judge, so that customers can clearly understand their own needs.

Sales service - understand customers’ needs; provide customers with a complete set of laboratory construction scheme, including product matching program, technical maintenance, etc.

After-sales service - provide application training and technical consultation; allow customers to fully understand equipment’s performance; quickly and efficiently solve the various problems in the operation of user’s equipment; strive to exceed customers’ expectations and maximize the protection of users’ interests.


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