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QS-CTQ1 Flux ball experimental Instrument

Through experiment, this experimental instrument describes a well-wound spherical current-carrying coil, which internal magnetic field has an important feature of uniform distribution (specifically called flux ball in engineering).


QSDLZ-BDZ2 Substation automation experimental device

The experimental device is designed according to the need of teaching and research experimental of experimental courses including“power system”,“remote operation of power system and dispatching automation”,“integrated substation autonation principle and application”,“power system protection”,“power plant and substation secondary circuit two”,“power system automation”,“power system automation device principle”,etc.


NPCT-II/III/DCS Distributed process control experimental device

This device’s control system adopts Foxboro (Invensys Foxboro)’s T2550 distributed control system, which is applied to distributed data acquisition, distributed data control, alarm, multi loop PID control and multiple T2550 control system that connected to a new type of high speed ELIN 100 MBPS network. The monitoring software is Foxboro’s PAC6.2 software, and its upper computer monitoring software is Invensys Wonderware’s InTouch10.1 configuration software.


MES-I Modern Electrical and Electronic experimental system

This device is designed according to the requirements of the experimental course outline of "circuits and systems", "electrical drag", "electronics" in various institutions. The instrumentation use digital, digital-analog dual display with the panel made by transparent plexiglass, which is the very original that we have applied for patent, user can choose according to their own needs.


ACCC-III Automatic control principle and computer control technology experimental device

This device is designed according to requirements of university experimental teaching courses: "automatic control theory", "computer control technology". In addition to making amplifier and all kinds of resistance and capacitance network work together to simulate various automatic control system during the experiment, three typical physical objects are carefully designed according to the feature of the following courses


QS-iHome-II integrated intelligent home experimental device

The architecture of this system is Cortex-M3, while the core is STM32 series. With the standard modular design and intelligent home carrier, a control module with the characteristic of miniaturization, intelligence and network can be provided to users. This system is suitable for many fields in colleges and universities,



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